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Gluing Gluing Gluing 
Straight Line Gluing
The most common gluing application for cartons, straight line gluing can be performed on any of our 3 in-house glue lines. This is also known as Side Seam gluing. This operation can be performed using conventional cold adhesive or hot melt adhesive for laminated/coated materials and PUR gluing for plastic materials such as RPET or Polypropylene. We can glue up to B Flute corrugated with a maximum width of 1100mm.

Crash Lock Gluing
Also known as Quick Lock or Multi-Point Glued cartons, Crash Lock cartons are used mainly in the Shelf Ready Packaging designs and can be found within the standard FEFCO 0700+ ranges. For an efficient and simple carton erection, these styles of cartons are used for heavy loading as well as offering a variant to a rigid packaging container.

Multi-Point / Complex Fold Gluing
Having invested in stand-alone gluing systems, we can attach these to our current glue lines to increase the number of glue heads available to finish multi-point glued cartons and folded packaging displays and fitments. We will be able to assist with design features to ensure the requirements are met in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Envelope & Wallet Gluing
Our glue lines are capable of gluing a multitude of substrates for envelopes and wallets whether they’re manufactured of 250gsm board or fluted material to Polypropylene plastic. We can glue any design that has gusseted sides and base for capacity wallets and envelopes.

4 & 6 Corner Gluing
Typically used for bakery and confectionary packaging either as a tray or by having a hinged lid included in the design, 4 and 6 Corner Glued Trays can be finished on any of our 3 glue lines, making our lead times shorter and our output capabilities increase.

Hot Melt Gluing
For cartons that have a laminated, varnished or coated finish we have hot melt gluing capabilities to cover a whole range of carton designs. Not suitable for cartons that are to undergo heat application once erected or for hot food trays.

PUR Gluing
PUR adhesive is used to glue plastic manufactured cartons, wallets, sleeves and envelopes. With in-house manufacture capabilities, Crystal Edge offer the full package from design to manufacture of clear plastic packaging. Speak to a member of our Sales team for more information.